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The Cobb Group strives to be the best
partner in your care by offering a wide
range of services for women of all ages,
including adolescents and teens.

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Every woman deserves quality obstetric
and gynecologic care. Our team works
with you individually to provide the best
care, answer your questions and keep you
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The Cobb Group is now welcoming new patients and referrals. We look forward to providing a high level of obstetric and gynecologic care to you in every stage of life. 

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In-Office Procedures

The Cobb Group offers patients the convenience of a number of procedures that can be performed in the privacy of our own offices. These procedures are very safe, minimally invasive and require little to no anesthesia.
Our physicians are trained to perform these and other specialized outpatient procedures:
Permanent Birth Control (Essure ®) – A non-hormonal option that results in no scars.
Endometrial Ablation (NovaSure®, Thermachoice®) – For the reduction or elimination of heavy menstrual bleeding.
Colposcopy– To determine more information about abnormal Pap Smear results.
Hysteroscopy – For the diagnosis and/or treatment of conditions of the uterus.
Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) – To  remove abnormal cells from the cervix.
Botox– A treatment for unwanted facial lines and wrinkles.
To learn more about these in-office procedures, click on the links above and talk with our physicians to discuss your options.