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The Cobb Group strives to be the best
partner in your care by offering a wide
range of services for women of all ages,
including adolescents and teens.

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Every woman deserves quality obstetric
and gynecologic care. Our team works
with you individually to provide the best
care, answer your questions and keep you
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The Cobb Group is now welcoming new patients and referrals. We look forward to providing a high level of obstetric and gynecologic care to you in every stage of life. 

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Gynecologic Services

The Cobb Group recommends that all women receive a routine (annual or in certain cases every 6 months) gynecologic check-up to maintain optimal health and identify any gynecologic issues. This should include a yearly Pap Smear test, plus a comprehensive pelvic and breast exam.  In addition, your physician or healthcare professional may recommend screenings for thyroid disease, cholesterol, diabetes, anemia, bone density and a variety of other conditions.

Our high-quality gynecologic care also includes assistance with: 
PMS/menstrual cycle issues
Sexually transmitted diseases
Menopause and associated issues
Urinary control issues
Decreased libido and sexual function 
Urinary and vaginal infections
Human Papilloma Virus Screening

Please talk to our physicians about the ways we can help address your specific gynecologic needs throughout all phases of your life.